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We LOVE our Nurses!


I spoke a little too soon yesterday about the ultrasound. When the doctors came in this morning, they said they were a little concerned about my bladder. The scan showed some increased vascularity between the placenta and bladder. This could mean that the placenta is making it’s way to the bladder. Now, for surgery that could mean that the bladder will need some repair or possibly some of it will need to be removed. What they see on ultrasound and what they see when they get in there can be quite different. They are having us meet with Urology today. Urology will assess the ultrasound and may order their own test to check the inside of the bladder. Once this is done, all the doctors will meet and decide if they need to adjust my plan. They were very optimistic and did not seem overly concerned, just matter of fact. Baby AJ continues to do great. His heart tones, movement, and growth are right on track.


All of our nurses are so knowledgeable about accreta and previa. They have taken the time to explain exactly what could and what will happen. While the doctors have also done this, the nurses add comfort because they will be the ones taking care of me. Since we are just “staying boring” right now, the nurses only need to come in every 8 hours to check vitals and baby heart tones. One days where I have been alone, they come in much more often just to talk or ask if I need anything. They also always refer to us as their favorite patient. Now, I have 4 kids and have taught for a long time. I know this trick—everyone is the favorite, but they have really sold us because we really feel like they are looking out for us. They each have taken the time to get to know our “story” and our family. They all refer to my belly as AJ and talk to him while listening to his heart tones. They understand that we are both in education and don’t get weird when we ask them all about their education background. One nurse graduated from the division we work for and went to the same elementary school as #2. She hopped on FaceTime with him to let him know that she was taking good care of his momma!

We ask a lot of questions, a lot of questions (we are both nerds). They always take the time to answer and explain in detail. When they don’t know the answer, they find a doctor and report back to us.

Being here all day, everyday, is not exactly easy. I have a routine and I try to keep busy. But let’s be serious, I have 4 kids and work full time in a fast paced job. Watching Netflix and playing on Pinterest is not exactly keeping the pace I am used to. So I appreciate everything that these nurses have done to make me comfortable and keep me sane! Hug a nurse today!

People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel! -Maya Angelou

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