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The Baby Pretzel


Today I am 34 weeks, 4 days pregnant with Baby AJ. The doctors morning message was “Go Eagles!” He was pretty excited when he saw my husbands Eagles blanket. Eagles fan stick together I guess.  I took this as a good sign that he really didn’t have much to say to me (especially after I told him I was a Giants fan).


I just had an ultrasound to check on the placenta (that thing gets all the attention) and AJ. Great news all around. The placenta looked the same which is great news because it did not get any worse!  AJ measured a solid 5lbs, 7oz!  We are so excited!  Since he will be early, weight is a big deal. She also said that his head is measuring big, must mean big brains!  She kept referring to him as the Baby Pretzel because he gets himself into some peculiar positions. He is transverse, which means instead of being north to south, he is lying east to west across my mid-section. This doesn’t really mean anything except that my belly can look pretty funny when he is moving.

We have been finding ways to pass the time. I get up early, which isn’t hard because the med students do their rounds at 6am, nurses change shifts at 7am, breakfast comes in at 7:30am and the doctors come in after that. Our favorite part of the day is when we meet our nurse for the day. The first thing we ask her to do is update our countdown.


In the afternoon, we go for walks around the hospital. It’s more like a stroller ride for me because I sit in a chair while my husband pushes me and we laugh the entire time. We manage to make a visit the gift shop a hysterical experience and make up stories as we walk.

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