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Thank you to all of you who voted, shared, emailed, tweeted, texted, and sang to help us become the Face of Accreta. We fell short on votes but ultimately we completed our mission of raising awareness. Jason and I have answered so many questions about accreta over the past 3 weeks. We have shared our blog and if nothing else made some folks aware of the dangers and of what we survived. I don’t want this to just be something that happened to us—I want to continue to raise awareness, support local moms who are affected by accreta, and organize an annual blood drive (August 10th- mark your calendars!). I have applied to start a local chapter of Hope for Accreta. I only knew one other mom who survived Accreta while I was pregnant and talking to her helped me so much. When I had questions, she was who I reached out to. I would like to be able to do that same for others. Accreta is scary and with not many people knowing about it, it can be lonely.

The past five months I have spent a lot of time reflecting on all that happened from that first ultrasound on April 10 to the delivery on August 10.  I have always handled stress and major life events this way. I worry about everyone else and make sure they are okay, put on a brave face, and power through. Now that the dust has settled, the magnitude of what happened and what could have happened has hit. This has also made me really aware of what I say and how I act towards others. You never know what others have endured.

I think a lot about the doctors and nurses who saved my life and kept AJ safe. What amazing people! They make me think about being a teacher and the enormous responsibility I have to keep kids excited about science (and other fields). Someone in these peoples lives turned them onto medicine and gave them the passion and pathway to become doctors. I am thankful for them!

I have not made any bold promises or proclamations about how I will live my life differently now that I am on the survivor side. The thing I plan to do is to remain thankful.


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