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Sunday, Funday


Staying boring!

We did have some excitement last night. When the nurse came in to check AJ’s heart tones, he was in the middle of what appeared to be an intense TaeKwonDo training session. This meant his heart rate was a little high and she hooked us up for a NST (non stress test). Once his training was over, his heart rate was perfect and he looked like a “text book” baby.

The doctor was here this am for a brief time just to say keep on being boring. The nurse changed my IV today which happens every 4 days. The IV is not hooked up to anything, just there in case it is needed. Tomorrow we get an ultrasound just because we are here. Apparently, that is standard procedure on Monday’s.

Okay, so that is the update on my health. Nothing to exciting, which is the idea– stay boring!


Sunday, Funday has a lot of different meanings. For some people it is a day to have a couple of drinks, watch some football, and eat yummy foods. For me Sunday is my pregame day. I spend the day prepping for the week. I have a system that works for me and helps make our week smooth. It also keeps me happy (remember #2 is my mini me–order is important!).

First thing I do is make sure the calendar is in order. This is particularly important during the spring when husband is coaching soccer, #1 is playing baseball, and #2 is playing soccer and baseball. From March to June, our family has 13 practices/games a week. I am the primary driver for #1 and #2 since my husband is coaching. I love this!  It’s a puzzle to figure out and nothing makes me happier than to have everyone involved in sports. Once I have the calendar straight and rides figured out, I start to work on the menu for the week. I prep as much of the food as I can. I cut vegetables, brown meat, marinate chicken, and anything else that can be done before hand.

Next, I move onto lunches. I pack 23 lunches a week. #1 and #2 both buy once a week and #4 gets lunch at daycare. I have a system down so that the only prep I need to do each night is make sandwiches. I buy all the snacks for the week and bag them in snack size ziplocs. My kids like the regular stuff, pretzels, goldfish, crackers, and cookies. They also love fruit and vegetables so I slice and bag watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, and peppers. I know it is not the most environmentally friendly but I use a lot of ziploc bags. I have been looking for a sustainable option and bought some sandwich sized tupperware, but the kids always find a way to make them gross and impossible to keep cleaned. Yogurt is a hot item at our house and I hate buying the pre-packaged tube yogurts because they are more expensive. So I buy a tub of yogurt and use the small gladware to portion out everyone’s yogurt cups for the week.

Once lunches are square, I start on breakfast. I love my waffle iron!  I usually make 20 belgium waffles and freeze them. The kids can get their own waffle and heat it up in the morning. I also make a dozen eggs. The kids warm these in the microwave. #1 and #3 would eat eggs at every meal so they usually monopolize the egg stash!

Now its laundry time!  I usually try to do a load a laundry every day, especially during the spring when everyone has sports clothes. But Sunday is my big laundry day. I get all the clothes cleaned, folded, put away and everyone’s outfits ready for the week. I know this is a little obnoxious but I am not denying my OCD. I stack 5 outfits, shirt, bottoms, socks, underwear, in each boys closet so they can easily grab what they need.

I realize it sounds like I do most of the work but we all have responsibilities at our home. Everyone pitches in. I tried chore charts and couldn’t keep up with it. The boys clear the table, clean the playroom, take care of the dogs and turtle (he could have his own blog), and keep all outdoor play items clean. When we are doing a big clean, I write various chores on sticky notes with a $ value and put them on the kitchen wall. The boys can take a sticky, complete a chore, and cash in after we check their work. This is only for chores outside of their normal duties. The boys each have a hook and basket in the hallway leading to the laundry room. They each hang their backpacks and jackets on the hooks. Shoes go in the basket. Sports bags are each boys responsibility. I wash uniforms but they are in charge of putting all equipment back in the bags. #1 and #2 both had a tough lesson when they showed up for a game with no hat. They had to tell the coach and find a hat to borrow. i sound tough but it made me sick. They both learned from it and I know they will appreciate the lesson as they get older! Let me be really clear about a few things…

1. I do all of this with my iPad and Netflix. 2. If I fail to complete these tasks life is not over, but the week is not as smooth for anyone. 3. I may sound overly organized and super put together. Ask my husband–I have not 1, but 2 junk drawers in the kitchen.

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