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Stay Boring!


10 Days to Go!

I have to say we were overwhelmed with the amount of views our little blog got yesterday. Not to mention all the Facebook comments, text messages, and phone calls. Thank you all!

The doctors message this morning “Stay boring!” She was happy that nothing had changed and that we had made it another day. Everyday closer to August 10th is a victory! AJ has been crowned busiest baby on the floor. He is not a fan of any monitors and kicks them clear off when the nurses check his heart tones. Not that I am surprised– I can’t sit still and if you have ever met my husband…

I want to back track a little and talk about our doctors. They have been wonderful!  We can not say enough about them and their practice. There is one major difference from any other doctor I have been been to  though—they do NOT sugar coat anything. They have talked about the seriousness of accreta from the first appointment. They have talked candidly about what to expect from surgery including blood loss, transfusion, and a stay in ICU. Remember I like to joke to handle tough situations– they don’t! They are very clear that this is serious and that we needed to treat it seriously. They even grounded us– no travel for work or vacation. In fact, they wanted us close to a hospital at all times. This was tough on us because we had work travel plans as well as a family vacation. One visit, we met a doctor in the practice who we had not seen yet. I introduced myself and he said “I know who you are, we all know who you are.” Now, normally, I would think this was because I was the best pregnant lady ever and they all praised how great i was doing, but the reality was they knew because I was high risk even for them. The doctor told us that the practice has a short list of 2 to 6 high risk pregnancy patients that each of them must know in and out just in case they are on call. This puts them on the same page for response and treatment…Jason said that both me and my placenta are famous.

So what is accreta?  Accreta, we have learned, is an umbrella term for 3 degrees of the condition. There is accreta, increta, and percreta. Typically, the placenta detaches from the uterine wall after childbirth. With placenta accreta, part or all of the placenta remains firmly attached. This can cause severe blood loss after delivery. It’s also possible for the placenta to invade the muscles of the uterus (placenta increta) or grow through the uterine wall (placenta percreta).

Being over achievers, we have been upgraded to increta. Increta means that the placenta has made its way through the uterine muscles and it is growing suspiciously (there’s that word again) close to the bladder. The doctor told us that it just means surgery will be slower and that it is possible that my bladder may need some repair as the placenta has grown close to both. They have been able to see all this through ultrasound, however, they tell us each time that while they can make predictions and detect that this may be occurring, they will not know the extent of my condition until they begin the C-section. They are pretty certain that with my condition they will have to completely remove my uterus. I like to say that they are taking AJ and his house. We feel our doctors expertise is second to none and have become comfortable with what is about to occur, even though we have no finger nails left…

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