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I took a little break from the blog as we adjusted to being back home. Things are finally settling down and we are feeling back to normal(ish).


We left the hospital on Saturday, August 15th with our sweet boy, AJ. I had been released the day before but luckily the hospital has a “hotel” for people who have loved ones in the hospital. AJ was having a little trouble maintaining his body temperature, which is common in preemies. We had to be extra careful to keep him warm and swaddled when we got him home. We saw our pediatrician that Monday and got great news. He was staying warm and had maintained his weight. A week later, he had gained 11 ounces and we were told to not come back until he was 2 months old!  Today he is 3 weeks, 2 days old and doing great. He is a sweet baby and has all of us wrapped around his little finger!

After we saw AJ’s doctor on Monday, we went to have my staples removed. I had a part of my incision that was still slightly open, about a centimeter. On Tuesday, we realized they had missed two staples and that the steri strips they applied had come off. Back to the doctor we went. They took care of the staples and applied new steri strips. We kept a close eye on the wound but by Saturday morning, we were concerned. It was  open about 3cm and it looked infected. We were told to head into the ER and have it looked at. The doctor we saw cleaned it up, packed the wound, and put me on a heavy dose of antibiotics. She actually mentioned something about admitting us, I gave her a look that quickly changed her mind.

Jason has had the job of cleaning and repacking the wound each morning and night.  It is getting better and Jason is a great nurse!  All that I have been through, this has been the worst part to me!  I close my eyes and cover my face when he cleans and packs it. Not one of my proudest moments, but in the hospital I actually put my fingers and in ears when they gave Jay the instructions on how to care for it.

We realize each day how very blessed and lucky we are. We had the best doctors, nurses, and hospital. We were surrounded by incredible family and friends. This could have had a very different ending. So glad this one is happy!!!


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