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He’ll Be Here in August


“When are you due?” is the most common question asked to any visibly pregnant lady. Once the placenta became the main character in this pregnancy and we knew we would deliver early, this became an awkward question to answer. Do we answer with his actual due date and explain the situation? Do we pretend the due date is in August and avoid the awkwardness? These options never really felt right to me so I started answering with “he’ll be here in August”. It was true and didn’t require any explanation. I didn’t mind people knowing what was going on, I am pretty much an open book and will share anything. But this seemed different. I never wanted anyone to feel bad for me or worry about me.  And I never wanted this pregnancy to be about my health or that darn placenta. It was about AJ and our family.

As much as we tried to keep AJ the focus, we always had accreta in the back of our minds. I had this theory that I was like a scene from Armageddon. Everyone is living their happy life on Earth, while this awful asteroid is making its way to cause mayhem. On the outside I look like a normal pregnant lady, but inside that placenta is a ticking time bomb. A little dramatic, sure, but remember I need to joke! I always had an emergency plan worked out in my head. If something happened, I would be prepared with a plan to get to the hospital or at least always be around someone who knew what the deal was.

I knew it was really important to keep AJ the focus. When you are pregnant, you are not just growing a baby, you are bonding with a new part of your family. That is a really important part of that process.

We started shopping for our Little Man pretty early on. We always shopped together and I think this made it even more fun because we started to imagine his personality. We were still living in the “Beach House” and didn’t have a room for him so we stored all his new treasures in our room. This made the entire shopping experience even more fun. We would pull out little outfits that we thought were cute and laugh about how little they were. They boys couldn’t believe anyone, let alone their brother, would ever fit in such tiny clothes.

We moved to a bigger home in May. Once we were there, our first order of business was to get AJ’s room ready. Everyone was a part of it. I couldn’t physically help with painting or moving furniture but I directed. We put all his clothes away in his closet and dresser. His room has this peaceful, calming feeling to it. All of us love spending time in there.

2015-06-10 19.38.15
2015-06-10 19.38.18
2015-06-10 19.38.20

These pictures were taken right after we finished painting. We have decorated a bit more since then but I don’t have updated pictures. 

We have gathered all his gear. Swing, carseat, stroller, boppy, carrier, and everything else we could ever need. We could have gone to Target or Babies-R-Us and purchased everything in one quick shop but that would have taken the fun out of it. We went to baby consignment shops, yard sales, Craigslist, and searched for everything we needed. This added to the adventure. Everything we have has a story, just like this entire process.

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