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Come on Man!


I am pretty sure I jinxed myself today…Earlier today I was so happy to be talking about AJ and his arrival and how he was going to be the star of this drama. Well, that must have irritated my uterus and placenta…either that or AJ didn’t get the message that we were supposed to stay boring for the next 24 hours.

Yet around 2:00 pm I started to bleed unexpectedly and that set off many alarms in the hospital (at least it felt like it did). The nurse calmed me down and I texted my husband who was right now the street enjoying the Zoo with his parents and number 4. I am pretty sure the nurses turned on the bat signal because and in came the doctors, all of them J in a random assortment.

The main doctor did a thorough exam and explained the situation and all the other doctors explained they were on call for the surgery if we needed to do that tonight. Over the past 6 hours I have been monitored VERY closely, hooked up to a monitor and IV, and so has AJ. Of course AJ measures perfectly on his monitor and I am doing fairly well with contractions every 2-4 minutes and less and less bleeding at each check.

The bleeding did cause a little scare in my head as I was mentally prepared for surgery tomorrow and that seemed a little up in the air as there was talk of them doing it sooner. But, as things have calmed down our main surgeon made the call that we would not be moving up the surgery unless an emergency situation occurs in the next few hours. Thankfully, everything seems to have calmed and the contractions and bleeding seem to have slowed.

I was fully prepared to blog today about how I am ready to rock this surgery Rosie the Riveter style, yes I did just reference my fantasy football team. I expected to write about all the scenarios that will follow the surgery, however, I think I am just going take it easy and relax.

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