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14 down…


14 down, 2 to go…

Hard to believe we have been here for 2 weeks. In that time, I have watched a lot of Netflix, read some great books, worked on a coloring book (it’s made for adults and super relaxing), and with the help of YouTube, I learned how to crochet.

Working on this blog has been the most satisfying thing that I have done since I have been here. I have thought about writing a blog since I started researching accreta 18 weeks ago. I have never really been much of a writer and was a little nervous about taking on a project like this. But it was time to let everyone know what was going on and share my experience with a serious pregnancy condition. I also read an article that talked about blogging being therapeutic for people with health issues. Who knew?!

Doctor gave me the usually marching orders, “stay boring”.

Happy Saturday Eveyone!

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